White Peak

Derbyshire's first Rum Awarded a Great Taste Star!

Derbyshire’s first rum awarded a Great Taste Award star!

Whisky isn’t the only award-winning spirit made from scratch and matured on-site at White Peak Distillery. We also make Derbyshire’s first rum. Our Cask Aged Derbyshire Rum recently received recognition in the 2022 Great Taste Awards.

Panels of judges at the Guild of Fine Food blind taste test hundreds of food and drink products from around the UK, and award products with outstanding taste and flavour Great Taste stars.

How we do it in Derbyshire

We make our rum from scratch onsite here at the Wire Works, with our customary focus on flavour and provenance. Many rum brands don’t make their own rum and have been built on imported bulk rum from places like the Caribbean, to which flavouring, spices and colouring are added. This goes against what we stand for, so we make our rum from first principles.

It took us over a year of research to learn how to make rum to a quality we were happy with. We use evaporated cane juice imported from South America along with molasses from the UK, and threw in a very long 14-day fermentation. This is where our unique flavour is developed.

The rum is then aged in oak for a minimum of 12 months before it’s bottled and labelled on site for our customers. No added flavouring, sugar or colour. And, once its bottled, we have a rum seasoned cask we can use to mature our Wire Works Whisky… but that’s another (exciting) story. For more details on how we make our rum, please take a look at this earlier article.

What the judges had to say

“Well-integrated, with marked vanilla cream rounding out the journey through smoky, grassy, woody and nutty notes”.

The judges commented that they “enjoyed sipping” the rum and that “it would be a fine mixer in its self-contained, pleasing balance”. We agree – our flavour-forward Cask Aged Rum is a great sipping rum just as it is, but can definitely hold itself in a cocktail too.

We’re delighted that our Derbyshire Rum has been recognised in the 2022 Great Taste Awards. We’re proud of the rum we’ve created here in Derbyshire, and it’s wonderful to now be able to add a Great Taste star to the packaging.

Try our Derbyshire Cask Aged Rum neat on the rocks, or in a simple cocktail like Mardy Rum.