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Warehouse Tour

Warehouse Tour 90mins

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Warehouse Tours are run in small groups of up to 12 people. Price includes tasting glass to take home. The experience lasts approx. 90 mins.

Warehouse Tour

The Warehouse Tour is our most immersive Wire Works Whisky experience. An opportunity to spend time talking & tasting with whisky friends amongst the casks in our main warehouse, home to the regions first single malt whisky.  You’ll be offered whisky pulled there & then to sample at full cask-strength (water available) and talk about whisky-making, flavour and cask influence.

Your experience will start in our still house with a walk through our whisky-making, discussing the raw materials, still house processes and distillery equipment that all contribute to the flavour of our unique whiskies.  Whilst in the still house you’ll get the opportunity to try our unmatured, new make spirit.

The group then moves on to the main warehouse for the cask strength action and an opportunity to sit, talk and enjoy the whisky, company and surroundings.

Note, the warehouse is unheated so please dress appropriately for the season i.e. it’s cold in winter (blankets can be provided)!  Whilst sat in the warehouse you’ll be offered three drams (2 cask strength and 1 from a current release). Sensible participation is actively encouraged so please make suitable arrangements for onward travel (trains and buses are all close by).

Not all tours take place during peak operational hours and whilst we can't guarantee that all, or any of the distilling equipment, will be operational at the time of your tour, we can guarantee that the casks will be there to be opened!


Tours can be arranged on alternative days subject to availability and minimum number of people. Please contact us to find out more CONTACT US