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Whisky Tour

Whisky Tour & Tasting 90mins

Saturdays 2pm

Fridays 2pm

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Whisky tour vouchers are available to buy as Postal Vouchers or e-Vouchers. If you have received a Buy A Gift voucher, please contact us directly at info@whitepeakdistillery.co.uk to book your tour.


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Whisky Tour

The whisky tour is an opportunity to take a deeper dive into single malt whisky at the regions first whisky distillery. We’ll walk you through the detail of our whisky-making process and discuss the raw materials, still house processes, distillery equipment and cask selection that contribute to our unique Wire Works whisky. In the still house you’ll get the opportunity to taste samples from the whisky-making process and talk with our knowledgeable team. The tour finishes in our cosy tasting room with a guided whisky tasting of Wire Works single malt and an opportunity to talk more about all things whisky.

Whisky tours are run in groups of up to 16 people and include your own tasting glass to take home. The tour and tasting last approximately 90 mins. Not all of our tours take place during operational hours and we cannot guarantee that all, or any of the distilling equipment, will be operational at the time of your tour.


Tours can be arranged on alternative days subject to availability and minimum number of people. Please contact us to find out more CONTACT US