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Wire Works Whisky



Wire Works Whisky is underpinned by our unique heritage and made with a focus on flavour and proud Derbyshire provenance. The First Release left the Distillery in February 2022, and since then, we’ve been grateful to receive a great response, with awards for several Wire Works Whisky releases.

Wire Works Whisky flavour is built upon our considered approach to whisky-making, resulting in a complex, well-balanced and lightly-peated spirit. The palate and nose deliver fruit forward notes, bonfire toffee and sweet vanilla, with a rich mouth feel and long finish.


Having never before been made in Derbyshire, we set out to develop our own unique flavour and provenance in whisky-making. This hasn’t meant throwing out the traditions that have stood the test of time but we’ve closely considered every stage of whisky-making to put down our own marker. Our home, at a 19th century former Wire Works, has its own rich heritage of innovation and making things the proper way. This strong sense of place and pursuit of flavour has informed our choices; using English (and Derbyshire) barley, developing a special blend of live yeast with links to Derbyshire’s brewing heritage, long fermentations, copper pot stills hand-built to our designs that add the final magic to our spirit.

Wood is important (although we think putting our soul into what goes into the cask is more important) and we’ve selected our casks from family-owned businesses where relationships matter.

All Wire Works Whisky is distilled and matured on site. A unique environment and a full life-cycle of Derbyshire provenance.

Listen to Founder Max Vaughan talk about how our unique Derbyshire heritage and provenance has influenced the flavour of Wire Works Whisky from the outset.