The Temperance Club: Get Exclusive Club Access To Gold-Medal Derbyshire Whisky

What started out with a focus on raising much needed cash flow has now become much more about the close community that’s been created. Join White Peak Distillery Temperance Club for exclusive access to whisky.  

At the start of 2018 when we launched our Temperance Club, we focused on offering a unique whisky club membership and long-term access to the Distillery, the whisky-making team and our spirits. We initially set our sights around raising upfront cash to help with the early years whilst waiting for our whisky to mature.  However, since holding a few members events at the Distillery, including the launch of our first Temperance Club Members bottling in September 2019, we’ve really started to appreciate that Temperance Club is about much more than cash flow.

Many of our early Temperance Club members have had their names down for every member tasting event we’ve held and tasted our single malt at various early ages, including at 6-months and 12-months. We feel like we’ve jointly created a special community of ambassadors for the Distillery; like-minded people who are really interested in the progress we’re making as Derbyshire’s first whisky distillery, and who also share our passion for whisky-making.

To try and keep the personal touch only possible to a smaller group of whisky lovers, and to ensure that we can be good hosts at all of our Temperance Club member events, we’ve decided that we’re going to cap our membership at significantly less than our original plans. This means that from January 2020 we’ll be offering a maximum of an additional 100 memberships to our whisky club.

Aside from the limited additional Temperance Club memberships available, now is also a great time to join because in May we’ll be hosting our next members’ event to taste our award-winning 18-month aged single malt spirit – a GOLD medal winner at the 2020 Wizards of Whisky awards!

Enough from us about how good we think our whisky club is – here’s a club member endorsement from ‘Schuggie’:

“I’m very much a proud Highlander and as such I love most things Scottish; Ceilidhs, Rowies, Deep Fried Mars Bars and of course Whisky. I get spirit envy when I read about all the new start up distilleries, mostly making gin but also absynthe and rum. So when I found one making whisky twenty minutes away from home I was super-excited. Max came along to a Burns Night to talk about the White Peak journey and I was hooked. I definitely got into the spirit of things. But it was more than that, it’s a very social thing. I love the exclusiveness of the Temperance Club; there will never be ten thousand members! I’m looking forward to the Temperance Day celebrations as much as the limited edition bottles. It’s really an opportunity to be a part of something very special.”

To find out more about how to become a member of our Temperance Club there’s more information on this section on our website.

Or come down to see us, perhaps on one of our weekly Distillery tours and find out more for yourself in person!

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