Derbyshire Whisky? Make mine a large one

If you are a whisky lover, there are a variety of reasons why you might want to invest in whisky private cask ownership… and the good news is that the pleasure of ownership starts well before the whisky is bottled.

In 2018, once we’d started laying down our single malt whisky, we decided that we would offer a limited number of whisky casks for private ownership.  The reasons for doing this are not just financial (although some early cash flow certainly helps whilst we’re waiting for our whisky to mature) but for us, it’s also about having a small community of whisky cask owners join alongside us on our journey. We believe that enjoying the experience of being an integral part of the growth of the region’s first whisky distillery is a part of whisky cask ownership at White Peak Distillery.

We plan to sell just 12 casks a year over the first 3 years of operations. The reason is simply that we’d like to keep the number of private cask owners to a level where we can build long-term personal relationships with like-minded people who are as passionate as we are about what we’re doing at White Peak.

With so few casks under private ownership we can ensure we offer a unique, tailored experience that might get lost on a bigger scale operation. For example, we can offer cask owners lots of potential variety in the future, such as part-bottlings, different cask finishes and even finding fellow cask owners who may want to ‘team up’ to benefit from more variety on these options. For anyone who has ever looked into private whisky cask ownership elsewhere, they will recognise that this flexibility makes White Peak whisky cask ownership a unique proposition.

Our cask owners have a variety of reasons for buying a cask, but universal amongst them is that they like our approach to whisky-making and, having tasted our new-make spirit, have also decided they like the early outcome!  And we’re not alone in this view – our new-make Derbyshire single malt spirit was awarded a GOLD medal in the 2020 Wizards of Whisky awards (open to whiskies from around the world).

A few of our cask owners are also  members of our Temperance Club and so have benefited from tasting our single malt at various early ages, such as at 6-months and at 12-months, before deciding they wanted a cask of their own. Many may look upon the cask partly as an investment, and we agree with our customers that this should only be a small part of the decision to buy a cask of whisky. Whatever the reasons, enjoyment of ownership can start from day 1 when you’re invited down to fill your own cask!

To find out more about the casks we’ve got left from our 2020 release, please drop us a line at and we can send you some more information.

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