Aged and Un-aged Rum – what’s the difference?

Batch 02

We’ve now bottled our second batch of our Derbyshire Cask Aged Rum. Batch 02 has been aged for a year in STR (shaved, toasted and re-charred) casks. We’ve used French oak cask heads, lending the spirit some extra spice. There are just 480 bottles in this batch.

Our Derbyshire Cask Aged Rum is an authentic Agricole-style rum, made from scratch at our Distillery, from fermenting through to bottling and labelling.

Agricole rum

‘Rhum Agricole’ is a style of rum that originated in the French Caribbean islands. Most rum is made using molasses –  a byproduct of sugar production,  but Agricole-style rum is made by fermenting and distilling pressed sugar cane juice.

By using a less processed base ingredient and a different production process, a wider variety of flavours come through in the finished product.

Maturing rum

Agricole rum is available both aged and unaged. Unaged rum is clear, with pronounced grassy flavours from the sugar cane. Aged Agricole rums maintain the grassy top notes but have more complex and rounded flavours, gained from maturation in wood.

An unaged rum will be clear (unless caramel colour has been added), whereas an aged rum will usually have some natural colour. This colour comes from the cask that the spirit has been matured in. It’s also possible to remove this colour with a charcoal filter to make the rum clear again, although adding colour is more common than taking it away.

Our own Derbyshire Cask Aged Rum is matured in oak casks and we choose to age our rum for a variety of reasons.

As with whisky, cask ageing helps to develop the flavour, character of the spirit, and layers on new flavours associated with wood maturation, including vanilla and sweet spices. Cask ageing also helps to round out the flavour and texture of the rum, giving it a more luxurious mouthfeel.

Maturing our rum also gives it a beautiful golden amber colour. We never add any colouring, sugar to our Cask Aged Rum – all of its colour and flavour comes from the cask.

Rum x whisky

We saw an added angle for our whisky as we will have very fresh rum casks in which to mature our whisky which puts us in a very unique position as most rum-finished whisky uses rum casks from other distilleries.

Get your bottle of Cask Aged Rum batch 02 here. Drink your rum on ice, or mix it in a simple cocktail like our Mardy Rum. Find the perfect glasses and barware in our shop.