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We’re lucky to make Wire Works whisky in a fabulous setting within the Derwent Valley Mills UNESCO World Heritage Site; it’s a wonderful area to visit, with rich heritage and stunning scenery. There’s plenty to see so if you want to make a long weekend of it, here are some places to stay nearby. And we’re easy to find too; the Distillery (Ambergate) is well connected by both road and public transport (bus and train).

White Peak Distillery is in the Top-10 of things To Do in Derbyshire and we’re also amongst the top 10% of places to visit globally (Tripadvisor 2023)! Establishing a unique visitor destination was always part of the plan and something the whole WPD team is passionate about.

We’ve got three tour & tasting experiences to choose from, running Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week.



This is the all-rounder, suitable for everyone interested in getting close to the action of how spirits are made (and of course what they taste like)! Explore the still house and discover how we make Wire Works Whisky, Shining Cliff Gin and Derbyshire Rum. Then it’s back to our cosy tasting room for a guided tasting of our range of craft spirits.

60 mins 



For those who want to take a deeper dive into whisky. Discover the details of our whisky-making process and discuss the raw materials, still house processes, distillery equipment, and cask selection, before sitting down to enjoy various whisky samples in the tasting room.

90 mins 


Our most immersive Wire Works Whisky experience. An opportunity to take an in-depth tour of the distillery and then spend time talking about all things whisky & tasting samples straight from the cask in our atmospheric main warehouse.

90 mins 

The easiest way to check availability and book is online.

Private tours can be arranged earlier in the week and on some Saturday afternoons depending on availability – please email enquiries to info@whitepeakdistillery.co.uk.

Supervised children over the age of 8 are welcome to book on to tours.