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Wire Works Whisky Cuvée RSB Collection

A local journey through flavour

This year we’ve had an amazing opportunity to work on a lovely, local collaboration with Sat Bains and his award-winning Michelin starred team at Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham.

Whisky aside (we’ll get onto that shortly), it’s been a trully enjoyable process ….and we’ve all learnt some stuff too! It’s been great to understand a bit more of how Sat and Amanda, a local husband & wife team have built a successful brand & business spanning 3 decades, for which they evidently retain an incredible, ongoing passion. We share many core values, and we knew early on that this was going to be a great experience.

Sat and the RSB team visited us back in February 2023, to take a look around the distillery, understand our approach to whisky-making, taste some Wire Works whisky and share some thoughts on a potential limited edition collaboration.

Sat Bains White Peak Distillery Max & Claire Vaughan


The RSB collection

The end result of a year working together is three separate, co-branded Wire Works / Restaurant Sat Bains whisky releases.

These special releases of single malt whisky started as a conversation between two local, founder-led businesses (and two Derby lads) that share long-term values for flavour, innovation & quality. Different paths but common ground; a shared passion for great things made the proper way. This whisky has been hand crafted in very small batches, that each celebrate variety in taste, aroma and texture. Single-malt English whisky with its roots in Derbyshire.

The 3-bottle collection has developed from one of the first barrels we ever filled back in 2018 – Cask #15. This was the ‘winner’ following some sommelier-led scrutiny back at the RSB base. We then worked with Sat to understand what whiskies he enjoyed and how he liked his serves, to arrive at two separate finishes to the ex-bourbon foundation.

Here’s what Sat has to say:

As a Chef, I have been obsessed with flavour for as long as I can remember, it is something I am fortunate to create every day in my working life of over 35 years.​

​The idea of creating a limited release whisky with Wire Works was a no brainer. ​

​Meeting up with Max and his team at Wire Works and being asked to go on this incredible journey made so much sense, both of us from Derby celebrating our professions of flavour and taste. ​

​Picking the aging barrels based on my favourite cask finishes and tasting the whisky at each stage has been an eye opener into the level of detail and expertise this collaboration has harnessed”.

RSB Collection #1 Ex-bourbon #2 Oloroso Sherry Finish #3 English Oak Finish, bottles 1-90 48% ABV

How to buy?

Sat will be releasing his collection via his web-site, stay in touch with his social media for details.