White Peak

Wire Works Bourbon Barrel

July 2024
Bearing Our Soul 
Wire Works Bourbon Barrel (53.4% ABV) a landmark moment for the team at White Peak! We’re excited to announce the release of our first ever ex-bourbon barrel only full maturation, featuring some of the oldest casks in our warehouse.

Ex-bourbon barrels are considered a relatively ‘inactive’ cask type and so shine a light on a distillery’s unique spirit character.  Ex-bourbon maturation reveals the true essence of the spirit, laying bare the core of a distillery’s character.  After 6+ years of whisky-making, and 8+ years since White Peak was founded, we’re delighted to open our spirit soul! 

The emphasis in our whisky-making has always been on creating flavour at each stage of the process. Whilst suitable cask selection is important, there’s much we agonise over during mashing, fermentation, yeast selection and distillation; all of which contributes to creating our unique spirit. In the pursuit of flavour and provenance, we’ve developed a true connection with the region. In particular, the use of fresh brewer’s yeast from our friends at Thornbridge Brewery in the Peak District; contributing flavour that is unique to Wire Works Whisky. 

The barrels for this release come from long-term partners at Heaven Hills Distillery in Kentucky, and are all first-fill ex-bourbon barrels delivered door-to-door. We’ve been fortunate to enjoy a direct relationship with this 90-year old family-run business. 

Join us in celebrating with the release of Wire Works Bourbon Barrel on Friday 5th July (£65, 70cl). 


Introducing Wire Works Bourbon Barrel Whisky (53.4% ABV)

Delightful, sweet vanilla at its core, with strands of chocolate and nuts 

Nose: Vanilla cheesecake, white chocolate, fruit salad sweets, lemon curd, candied ginger, peaches and cream

Palate: Custard creams, lemon zest, icing sugar, chocolate covered peanuts, honey, ginger bread

Finish: Apple crumble, murray mints, lime pickle, white pepper


Wire Works Bourbon Barrel