Hundreds Of Litres Of White Peak Distillery Hand Sanitiser To Be Donated To Front Line Workers

The Distillery team has used its resources and know-how to produce a hand sanitiser to support those working on the front line and in essential jobs. Over a thousand litres of alcohol destined for gin has been diverted to production of our Team Spirit hand sanitiser.

The Covid19 situation in the UK has touched just about everyone in the country in one form or another and has been a difficult time for lots of businesses, including ours.  It’s also brought about many acts of human kindness and we felt we wanted to do our bit by responding to the well-publicized shortages for front line workers. We’ve diverted some of our distilling resources and alcohol and during April and beyond we’ve agreed to donate hundreds of litres of hand sanitiser to the NHS.

The virus-led inventiveness and collaboration of many businesses and individuals in the UK has been amazing to witness and makes us feel proud to be part of a nation of makers.  We’re not alone in doing what we’re doing and many of the UK’s craft distilleries have been similarly using their alcohol, the primary component, in order to supply hand sanitiser to their local front line and essential workers. Our hand sanitiser has been made to a World Health Organisation formulation, so its efficacy has been tested (and it is definitely not for drinking)!

We’ve called our hand sanitiser ‘Team Spirit’ because it was a team effort that involved people like HMRC relaxing its duty requirements, and also local friends Alt Design who helped design the labels, and our Ambergate neighbours Lockwood Haulage who donated spray bottles and, of course, you guys for buying our gin. The folks at Reflections Magazine have also written a nice article about the various things we’ve doing in the local community since we started out.  Read that here:

Despite getting lots of purchase enquiries, we’ve no current plans to sell our hand sanitiser, as we’d rather ensure that the majority is donated to those most in need.  We are including a free bottle of ‘Team Spirit’ with all website orders which include a 70cl or 50cl bottle of Shining Cliff Gin. The hand sanitiser bottles are also refillable, so we’re encouraging people to hang on to them for reuse with more hand sanitiser (once we’ve worked out what we can do in the current environment) or other liquids.  By purchasing from us online, you are helping to fund the production of more hand sanitiser, which we think is also a really cool way to fundraise 😉

If you’d like to chat to us about this new hand sanitiser or have any questions, then please drop us a line at

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