White Peak

Meet Tom - our new Whisky Ambassador

We welcomed Tom Lindsey to the team this week, as our new Whisky Ambassador.

He’s a longstanding supporter of White Peak Distillery and has previously volunteered his time to help out in our still house, assisting our distillers while learning about our approach to whisky-making. As well as having spent lots of time at the distillery already, he’s invested in White Peak on many levels – as a Temperance Club Member, cask owner, and investor in our 2021 crowdfunding.

Tom will be representing White Peak Distillery on a national level at events, building relationships with whisky stockists across the country, and raising our profile with whisky fans. He’ll also be helping Max and Dave with our cask program and whisky release schedule. His experience in the still house means he’ll also be on hand to support our distilling team and keep his hand in with whisky-making.