White Peak

Two Global World Whisky Masters Medals!

Having launched Wire Works Whisky earlier this year, we’re delighted to have been honoured with top recognition in The World Whisky Masters 2022.

The World Whisky Masters competition seeks to reward the finest World Whisky brands on the world stage. Hosted annually and chaired by The Spirits Business and a panel of leading spirits specialists, judging is run as a blind tasting with excellence recognised by category through Silver, Gold and Masters medals.

We entered two releases of Wire Works single malt whiskies, ‘Small Batch’ and ‘Necessary Evil Finish’ and have respectively come away with Masters and Gold medals!  These are great early accolades for the team at White Peak Distillery and give us confidence for the future success of Wire Works single malt whisky.

Wire Works Necessary Evil Finish was awarded a Gold medal in The World Whisky Masters 2022.

White Peak Distillery Wire Works Whisky Necessary Evil Finish Whisky

Wire Works Small Batch was awarded a Masters medal in The World Whisky Masters 2022, the highest category recognition.

Necessary Evil will be available in our Distillery shop on the 5th August (from 09:00), and we currently have a small number of bottles of Small Batch also available in the shop.

Find out more about The Global World Whisky Masters 2022 awards below.

World Whisky Masters 2022