Tour Arrangements

As you may be aware the Distillery has been affected by the flooding in the Derwent Valley in recent weeks. The Distillery itself is unaffected but the flood waters have sadly damaged the Edwardian-era bridge that you would have otherwise been able to drive across to get to the Distillery.  We do have alternative access across a fully-paved, covered footbridge from the main A6 carpark. It involves a walk of approximately 50 metres, from here you will meet a waiting vehicle to drive you the final 200 metres to the distillery. Unfortunately, this does mean that until the main bridge issues are resolved, access is not possible for wheelchair or scooter users. Please call us to discuss any questions around this.

The  tour and tasting itself should be up to our usual enjoyable standards!

Important Information:

  • Upon arrival in the main car park off the A6, please park on the Left Hand Side (signage directs)
  • Please follow signs to our new ‘pop up’ shop in the large warehouse next to the carpark. Here we will sign everyone in before heading over to the distillery.
  • Please arrive 15 mins before the scheduled start time to allow us to transport you to the distillery in good time. We will find it challenging to deal with late arrivals.
  • As soon as transport is available (we’re running a shuttle service) then you’ll be directed where to go to, and we’ll take you round to the Distillery
  • We will have to reverse this process after the tour has finished (if anyone has to rush off, please let us know when you arrive)

If you feel at all uncomfortable with these additional access requirements then we’d understand and you’d be welcome to a refund (it doesn’t really make sense to defer as we may be operating like this for months).  Our view is that none of the above will spoil your enjoyment of a tasting tour at our Distillery and a potential upside is that it will give you some insights into the inner workings of the former wire works! We’d be happy to discuss any concerns you may have and we  look forward to giving you our usual warm welcome to the distillery.

More information on Accessibility can be found here.

Thanks, The WPD Team

+44 (0)1773 856918 Still House & Distillery Shop

+44 (0)7856 463287 Pop Up Shop – East side