Wire Works Whisky

We’ve set out to do something unique in the Peak District region where whisky had never before been made. This hasn’t meant throwing out the traditions that have stood the test of time but we’re putting down our own marker. We take time to create our unique spirit, using English barley, a special blend of live yeast with links to Derbyshire’s brewing heritage and long fermentations. Our pot stills have been hand-built at a traditional coppersmith to our designs and add the final magic to our spirit. Our focus is on whisky-making and flavour at each stage.

Cask choice is important (although we think putting our soul into what goes into the cask is more important) and we’ve selected our casks from family-owned businesses where relationships matter.

Our spirit is distilled and aged on site. This is why we are in Derbyshire; a unique environment for the entire life journey of our whisky. Early signs are good. In the 2020 and 2021 Wizards of Whisky awards, our new make spirit and maturing spirit were both honoured with consecutive Golds.

We will be launching our Wire Works Whisky on the 3rd of February 2022.

Our first release will be c.5000 bottles, with more releases planned through the year.

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