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Wire Works Whisky Upards & Downards


Wire Works Single Malt English Whisky
Style: Lightly Peated
Cask Type: Ex-Red Wine STR Cask  (American oak with French oak heads)
52.7% ABV
330 bottle release
100% Natural colour & Non-chill filtered

Wire Works Upards drier, spicier nose. Aromas of fresh coffee beans, with liquorice on the palate. A touch more tannic, with some nice rich spice on the finish.

Wire Works Downards fruitier, sweeter nose. Light biscuity, and floral notes on the palate. Vanilla fudge to finish.


We’re curious about the potential role the different warehouse locations at the Wire Works can play in the development of flavour, and how we might use this knowledge in future plans.  For this bottling, we tried to control as many variables as possible (see below), with the warehouse location then being the key point of difference. (NB. due to being made of natural materials and made by hand, no two casks are exactly identical).

  • Date casks filled: March 2019
  • Malt batch: identical
  • Spirit distillation cut points: identical
  • Casking strength: identical (63.5% abv)
  • STR casks specification and batch: identical (STR G2C AO/FO)

Lower Dunnage; partially sub-terranean with lower annual temperatures across seasons / low annual temperature variation / reduced airflow and increased humidity.

Upper Dunnage, raised mezzanine area with higher temperatures in the summer months / higher annual temperature variation / higher air flow across the seasons.