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Wire Works Whisky #4 Cask Strength


Single Cask
Single Malt English Whisky
Style: Lightly Peated
Cask Type: STR #22 Am & French Oak
ABV 61.4%
293 bottle release (Individually numbered)
100% Natural colour & Non-chill filtered

SOLD OUT – June 2022 UK Ballot

Tasting Notes:

This single cask release, matured in American and French oak has notes of Crème Brulee and fruit cake on the nose, with cinder toffee and marmalade on the palate, and a spicy cinnamon finish with a hint of smoke.

Nose Crème brûlée, toffee pavlova, orange oil, medjool dates, fruit cake, pear drops, varnished oak, fresh strawberries, white chocolate, gingerbread, milk bottle sweets, and prosciutto.

Palate Cinder toffee, fresh ginger, mace, orange marmalade, gorse flower, milk chocolate, fruit salad sweets, clove, honey, figs, bran, and cashews.

Finish Apple crumble, cinnamon, chilli flakes, tobacco, buttered toast and a hint of smoke.

Wire Works Whisky ‘Cask Strength’ is our first single cask strength release. Limited to just 293 bottles and matured in an STR cask (coopered with both American and French oak) and bottled at an ABV of 61.4%. 

Wire Works Whisky single cask releases will be run through a ballot. To stay up to date on future single cask releases, sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social media.

The ballot has now closed for Cask Strength.