White Peak

Corporate Gifting

Give the Gift of Derbyshire

Unique gifts packed full of Derbyshire provenance, heritage and flavour. Choose from our award-winning Wire Works single malt English whisky, Shining Cliff Gin, or Cask Aged Rum. All distilled, matured and bottled at White Peak Distillery on the banks of the river Derwent here in Derbyshire.



Award-winning Wire Works single malt whisky and  post ready gift packaging. An engraved whisky tasting glass can be added to this gifting set.


A choice of local gins, rum or single malt whisky and bespoke company-branded packaging. Minimum order quantities of 50-54 apply for company branded packaging.


If you are interested in smaller quantities we can offer White Peak Distillery branded gift packaging with our range of craft spirits.

Let us send gifts directly to friends, family, and colleagues. Contact us for a quote at sales@whitepeakdistillery.co.uk