White Peak

Clean up and become a Community Cask co-owner

Why we started our community litter picks

In 2017, as the Distillery was taking shape, we decided to start a local community litter pick. Building a community and bringing people along on our journey has always been a priority for us.  The idea behind starting a regular litter pick was to also do something positive for our environment.

Pre-pandemic, we have held a litter pick each quarter at various locations in the area. Now that life is getting back to normal, we’ll be resuming our regular picks, targeting different areas.

Become a co-owner in our Community Cask

We’ve donated a 100-litre community cask of whisky to the litter picking cause. Anyone who does 4 or more litter picks with us becomes a co-owner in the community cask.

We plan to bottle the community cask in 2026, to mark 10 years since the business started, so there’s plenty of time to get 4 litter picks (or more!) under your belt.

Our next litter pick

Our next litter pick is on 7th April, and we have plans for more in 2022. We’ll start from the Distillery at 5:45pm and pick litter in Shining Cliff Woods and along the A6. If you’d like to attend, please let us know on our Facebook event. We’re surrounded by ancient woodland, with SSSI status (Site of Special Scientific Interest) so we’re keen to play our part in looking after it.

There’s an open invitation to anyone living or staying close by to come along and help pick. Do join us!