White Peak

2023 Wire Works Gold Medal Winners

We’re absolutely delighted with the awards that various Wire Works Whisky releases have collected this year.

These bottles are our gold medal-winning releases of 2023.

Two of them (at the time of writing!) are still available to order online or purchase from our Distillery shop.

Wire Works Small Batch won a won a gold medal in the People's Choice Spirits Awards in the 'Whisky around the World' category.

The judges described it as an ‘advent calendar in a glass…

Cocoa and vanilla. Complex enough for more seasoned whisky drinkers to enjoy…

Easy going like a seal slipping into the water (!)’



Wire Works Caduro, the evolution of the Small Batch series, was awarded a gold medal in the 2023 IWSC Spirits Awards and a Gold Medal in the 2023 World Whisky Masters competition - a double gold medal winner!

The IWSC Judges described Caduro as ‘a masterclass in integration and subtlety’.

And Matt Chambers, of the Whisky for Everyone blog, had this to say…

“Gosh, White Peak have done well with this release and it is one of the highlight new releases of 2023 to date… It is easy to see why Caduro won a Gold Medal at the IWSC recently. To put this into perspective – only 10% of all spirits entering the competition achieve this and it was the only English single malt to get this accolade. It puts Wire Works and White Peak at the pinnacle of the English whisky scene, which is amazing considering they have only been bottling whisky for the last year.”



Wire Works Alter Ego won a Masters Medal in the 2023 World Whisky Masters - the highest accolade in the competition.


Roy Duff featured Alter Ego in his ‘Best of 2023 (so far)’ roundup on his Aqvavitae channel, describing Wire Works as ‘fantastic, densely flavoured, interesting whisky’.


Ben Bowers, The Spirit Specialist, reviewed Alter Ego next to Caduro on his YouTube channel. He described Alter Ego as ‘fresh and fruity’ with ‘lovely creaminess underneath’ and a ‘deep richness throughout’.



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