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Wire Works Whisky #3 Small Batch


Single Malt English Whisky
Style: Lightly Peated
Cask Type: STR & Bourbon
ABV 46.2%
4323 bottle release
100% Natural colour & Non-chill filtered

Tasting Notes:

A complex, approachable single malt whisky. Sweet popcorn, and orchard fruits on the nose, with brandy baskets, banana and sandalwood on the palate, and a sweet vanilla finish with a touch of nutmeg.

Nose Sweet popcorn, butterscotch, cloves, ripe banana, orchard fruit, vanilla slice, candied ginger, cherry pie filling, icing sugar, white chocolate, bergamot, nutmeg and cinder toffee 

Palate Chocolate orange, brandy baskets, Victoria sponge, liquorice all-sorts, cinnamon, cashews, marshmallow, vanilla, pink grapefruit and banana 

Finish Vanilla wafers, crème brûlée and nutmeg / mace

Wire Works Whisky ‘Small Batch’ is a recognisable sibling to our inaugural spirit, however with a lower ABV of 46.2%.  A lightly-peated single malt whisky from a small batch vatting of American and French oak casks, the spirit has been aged in predominantly STR casks (re-conditioned casks that have been shaved, toasted and re-charred) with a significant element of ex-bourbon. The use of these casks compliment our house style of fruit forward new make.