Allotment Club – Floral


1 x 70cl bottle of Shining Cliff floral gin (45% ABV)

1 x 50cl test batch Plotters rhubarb gin #1 (44% ABV)

Limited edition of 40 bottles


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Our Plotters rhubarb gin is part of a 2020 allotment collaboration with Derbyshire’s very own Potty Plotters.

We’ve used Derbyshire grown, forced rhubarb supplied by the Potty Plotters and macerated it gently in our floral gin. This is the first in our plans to develop small batch allotment recipes, and we’re offering our community of gin drinkers an opportunity to be part of the spirits development, through purchase and feedback; our own ‘allotment club’.

Plotters rhubarb gin #1 is only available when purchasing along with one of our core 70cl gins.

No sugar added.